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HARICA Root CA Installation Instructions

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HARICA Root CA in OS X and iOS

If you are using iOS7 (or later) or OS X Mavericks (or later), HARICA Root CA is already installed in your Certificate Store (read why).

If you are using an older version, we strongly recommend to upgrade to the latest.

Manual Installation

In any case there is a need for manual installation, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Download the digital certificate HaricaRootCA2011.der
  2. Execute the downloaded file either from the browser's option or from your downloads' directory.

  3. RootCA 2011 download
    RootCA 2011 download
  4. The Keychain Application will launch and it will ask you to trust the Hellenic Academic and Research Institutions Root CA 2011. Choose "Always Trust".

  5. RootCA 2011 Keychain
  6. If you wish to check the validity of the certificate double click and select trust. Search for the Fingerprints SHA1 and MD5 so they look like the picture below.
  7. RootCA 2011 Fingerprints